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The Cleveland Church of Christ congregation in Cleveland, Minnesota loves Jesus Christ.  We are a fundamental Bible believing, nondenominational, evangelical Christian body of the Restoration Movement heritage.

Browse our web pages to learn more about the Cleveland Church of Christ and our ministry.  We hope you will visit us in Cleveland soon!





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GO and MAKE DISCIPLES… was the mandate Jesus gave each of us as His followers — BUT HOW do we do that?
In Jesus’ ministry teachings, and by His example, we learn that people distinctively are at different stages of faith and development.  Jesus challenged each person from where they were at to the next level of growth in their faith.

4 CHAIR DISCIPLESHIP is a simple picture of how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in making disciples.  It will also help you gage where you are in your faith journey.   Join us for all the Sundays of January 2023 to learn what each chair means.





Both Plans in one PDF document
Old Testament in One Year  #1 Jan-April
New Testament in One Year  #1 Jan-April

May-Aug and Sept-Dec plans will be posted later.





Sunday, January 29, 2023 

Our congregation’s Annual Meeting will take place immediately following our Sunday Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall on January 29th.  This meeting is open to anyone interested in the Cleveland Church of Christ.  You need not be a member to attend.  Note, however, that only voting members will be allowed to vote on the ballot presented that day.




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